Accessing the JustGiving API

You need a JustGiving API key to access both our staging and production servers. You can apply for, and recieve one instantly, by using our API registration form.

First you will need to sign up for a Application ID. Sign up at

We will send you an email with a link to activate your account. When your account is activated sign in and generate a new Application ID by clicking on the applications section of the Dashboard.

You need to supply your Application ID with each request, replace {ApplicationID} in the method documentation with your Application ID.

This ApplicationID is your API key, and is referred to as an API Key or “key” in all the documentation

Once you’re happy with your application you can submit your application for approval. When your application is approved you will have access to our live server

You can find out more about our API’s by going to our documentation website.

Documentation Website

A up-to-date documentation website is generated by our API everything you need know about our API can be found at

For documentation regarding the specific version of the API installed on each environment, visit /docs on the appropriate API.


We have an open source SDK on GitHub

Testing Your Application

We have three environments

  • – paired with
  • – paired with
  • – paired with

Sandbox is a live-like environment kept in step with our production releases. Staging is our internal (considered unstable) deployment server with previews of release candidate code, and production is the public facing JustGiving website. We strongly suggest you develop and test against sandbox.

Once you sign up you will automatically have access to our sandbox and staging environments.

To access our live server you will need to submit your application.

Submitting Your Application

  • Sign in to the API portal
  • From the dashboard click on the ‘API Access Details’ link
  • Click on ‘Change Plan’ and then select access to live servers
  • We will review your request within 2 working days and you’ll be notified once you have access.